About Me | - Black Bird Studios

Hello and welcome to Blackbird Studios! My name is Melissa Braden and I am the owner/photographer for the studio. A little about me..I am a mom to two wonderful children ages 10 (that's my daughter to the leftt) and 14 and I have a wonderful and supportive husband. I also work with adults with developmental disabilities and have been doing this wonderful work for 13 years. I am a very happy and energetic person, who loves to interact and get to know people. I have a very soft heart and am a huge believer in karma. I believe giving back to the community makes you a better person, and to have an understanding of what other may be going through. I try my best to instill these values in my children and my everyday life.

Now a little bit about Blackbird Studios! I have been a professional photographer for over 8+ years. Over the years of photographing many people, weddings and families, I found that my heart loved photographing High School Seniors the most. This is such a unique and monumental time in a persons life-and I love to capture the essence of who that person is. I shoot in both film and digital formats. Film has a wonderful look to it that digital cameras have not been able to master yet. My most favorite part of a shoot is seeing the person in front of me transform. We all get nervous in the beginning, not knowing exactly what to expect, but as we talk and laugh the nervousness begins to diminish and you begin to emerge and become confident! I look forward to getting to know each of you better!

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